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Dec 21, 2023

The Alabama Freshwater Fishing report is your best resource for the Lake Guntersville Fishing Report, Weiss Lake Fishing Report, Lake Eufaula Fishing Report, Mobile Tensaw Delta Fishing Report, and all the creeks, rivers, and reservoirs in between.

First up bringing you the report for the Coosa and Tallapoosa River system with have Eric Cagle. Eric is happy to report that the crappie have moved off structure and are in their big winter schools, making it easy to catch lots of good-sized slabs for anglers who are comfortable casting in open water. Join us as we talk about Eric’s preferences for both casting and jigging rods, the differences between the Coosa and Tallapoosa Lakes, and kayaking the Tallapoosa system up above Jaybird Creek.

Next up we have Dip McMillian on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Dip reports that anglers can expect a similar winter pattern to what Eric describes, but cautions that this year’s uncommonly low water can leave heedless anglers stranded in the backwaters. Dip is also a local legend down on the Gulf Coast for his “Dippie Outdoors” nonprofit, which focuses on getting kids introduced to hunting and fishing. Tune in to hear Dip’s recommendations on the best rods and reels for young kids, and his thoughts on how to keep kids engaged out on the water.

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