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Aug 10, 2023

Lake Eufaula, Chattahoochie and Mobile-Tensaw Delta Reports for August 7-13, 2023

The Alabama Freshwater Fishing report is your best resource for the Lake Guntersville Fishing Report, Weiss Lake Fishing Report, Lake Eufaula Fishing Report, and all the creeks, rivers, and reservoirs in between.

This week we're talking to Steve Graziano, who is giving us the report on what you need to know to target bass effectively on Lake Eufala and the rest of the Chattahoochie River system. According to Steve, the ledge bite is hot right now and the fish are very predictable. He advises anglers to take advantage of that before the fall cooldown makes bass spread out.

We also sit down with Loren Johnson (AKA “Lojo) to discuss how the Dothan native has grown one of the world’s most popular Youtube fishing channels by just being, in his words, “a regular Joe going fishing.”  Join in to hear us talk talk Gopros, supportive wives, and the virtues of a red senko bait. Loren and I are both pond fishermen at heart, and I appreciated hearing his input on the top 3 summertime bass baits for pond fishermen.

Finally, we catch up with Dip McMillian down on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. This year Dip is hosting the 6th Dippi Outdoors Kids Tournament, which is bigger than ever before. For our South Alabama Residents, be sure to get on down to Hubbard’s Landing in Stockton, AL and check out this awesome kid’s tournament. Dip will be there at 4am for registration, and there is NO registration fee. Listen in to hear about the awesome prizes and giveaways Dip and his sponsors have put together.

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