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Mar 4, 2021

Not only is the temperature heating up in Alabama, but the fishing is as well. We started the show on Lake Eufaula with Clayton Batts. Go hard on Eufaula and be prepared to fish, shallow, deep, or everywhere in between. We then joined David Allen on Pickwick. Pickwick is absolutely on fire right now and is probably the best lake in the state at this time. Lots of current there right now, and the fish have moved up. Fishing over hydrilla is a good approach right now, and chatter bates and rattle traps are catching fish. Because Pickwick is so good right now, we stay on Pickwick with Brent Crow. Brent is catching not only high numbers but big fish as well. 4-5 pound average will make any fisherman want to head that way and drop a line in. Fish red and fish shallow, according to Brent. Also, look for places where the fish can get out of the current, and they might very well be stacked up there.

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