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Nov 30, 2023

First up down on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta we have Peter Jordan with the Lost Angler Fly Shop. With water temps dropping and fish moving deeper, Peter discusses the necessity of becoming proficient with sinking lines and how to maneuver your boat to give you the best shots at getting a streamer past fish. We discuss how drought conditions push saltwater species into “freshwater” areas, and how Gulf Coast anglers can target a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species all on the same body of water.

Next up we swing over to Lake Eufala on the Chattahoochee river to talk with Steve “Graz” Graziano. Join us as Graz talks winter topwater bites, lipless crankbaits, alligators, and jig fishing; and stick around to the end to hear why anglers should pay extra attention to boating safety as the temperature starts to drop.

Rounding off this week’s show we talk with Andre Davis over on the Black Warrior and Cahaba Rivers in the central part of the state. We discuss how small water can mean big action on bluebird winter days, and how to keep your fingers and toes warm when wading and stripping line in Alabama’s bluelines.

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